In-House Diagnostics

In-House Diagnostics for Pets

Our In-House Diagnostics feature cutting-edge technology that lets us conduct swift and precise assessments of your pet’s health.

Having this advanced technology on-site means we can quickly run essential tests and analyses, gaining immediate insights into your pet’s condition. This efficiency is critical during emergencies or urgent situations, enabling us to make informed decisions quickly and provide timely treatments tailored to your pet’s needs.

Our in-house capabilities include digital radiography, ensuring high-quality imaging with reduced exposure to radiation. The immediate results from these diagnostics contribute to a seamless and efficient diagnostic process, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care we provide.

For any questions about our in-house diagnostic services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 402-489-6800.

Our In-House Diagnostics Include:

  • Blood Smears
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Cytology
  • Fecal examination
  • Fine Needle Aspirate
  • Serum Chemistry
  • Urinalysis and Urine sediment exam
  • Viral Testing (Parvovirus, FELV/FIV)

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