Veterinarians doing a pet exam on a dog in Lincoln, NE

Examinations for Pets

In times of crisis, swift and comprehensive veterinary care is crucial.

Our pet examins in Lincoln are designed to assess and diagnose your pet’s condition quickly, ensuring a thorough evaluation and appropriate next steps to initiate the best course of action for their well-being.

Our priority during emergency examinations is to swiftly assess, diagnose, and provide immediate care for your pet. We are committed to offering the highest level of veterinary expertise and compassion during these crucial moments. Your pet’s health and comfort are our primary focus, and we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for their well-being.

If you have any questions about how we can care for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us at 402-489-6800.

Vet feeling a dog's neck during a pet exam in Lincoln, NE

What It Covers

Comprehensive Assessment

Our experienced veterinarians conduct a thorough evaluation of your pet, examining vital signs, symptoms, and medical history to understand the nature and severity of the emergency.

Diagnostic Testing

We may perform in-house diagnostics, such as blood tests, X-rays, or ultrasounds, to gain insights into your pet’s condition and aid in accurate diagnosis.

Pain Evaluation

Assessing your pet’s pain level and providing immediate pain management solutions to alleviate discomfort and distress.

Stabilization Measures

Administering immediate stabilization measures if needed to ensure your pet’s vital functions are stable before further steps are taken.

Treatments and procedures we might utilize to help your pet recover:

  • Radiography/Barium Series
  • Intravenous Fluid Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Pleurocentesis and Abdominocentesis
  • Fracture Stabilizations/Splints
  • Minor or Major Surgery

What Happens Next

Consultation and Discussion

After administering pet exams in Lincoln and any necessary diagnostic tests, our veterinarian will discuss the findings and potential treatment options with you. We will answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations based on the evaluation.

Treatment Plan

Based on the diagnosis, a tailored treatment plan will be proposed, outlining the recommended medical interventions, procedures, medications, or further diagnostics required.

Collaborative Decision-Making

We strongly believe in involving you, the pet owner, in the decision-making process. Your preferences, concerns, and input are integral in shaping the treatment plan, ensuring the best approach for your pet’s recovery.

Initiating Treatment

Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, our team will initiate the necessary interventions promptly, providing the critical care and attention your pet requires to support their recovery.

Vet using a stethoscope during a pet exam of a dog in Lincoln, NE

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